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Yes, the robots are doing some pretty incredible things. And the longer they’re deployed, the smarter, faster and more adaptable they become. But at the end of the day, the work we do is really about solving our customers’ greatest challenges. If logistics plays a role in your world, you’re being asked to adapt like never before. We can help.

Our mission

We believe in the power of robotics to radically transform the world around us. But you have to start somewhere, and we’ve chosen to focus on warehousing operations. It was an easy call, really. Traditional approaches are rife with waste and inefficiency. Which gives us nearly unlimited room for improvement.

Dexterity is dedicated to smooth, non-disruptive transitions. We’re firmly hardware-agnostic, so customers can focus on their operations, not their tools. Learning and adaptation are built into every system. 

Ultimately, this is about helping people thrive and grow by freeing them to do those jobs that humans do best.

The Team

Every one of the 140+ people who make up Dexterity is optimistic about the future and excited about the positive impact we’re making. And we’re just as passionate about our customers. Maybe even a little obsessed. Which is why every decision, large and small, is driven by one question – how can we best maximize customer value while providing a great customer experience?
Dexterity Team

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When it comes to advancing the field of robotics, nothing’s more important than the people making it all happen. Our culture is built on passion, trust and dedication to the greater good. In-house expertise covers everything from hardware, firmware and motor controls to higher-level machine learning and software. Steady growth is the norm around here, and every person is seen as a potential leader. Which probably explains why so many of the world’s top roboticists keep ending up on our team. Could you be next?

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Our team is seriously excited about the potential for robotics to make life better for everyone. So we’re always up for talking shop.

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