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This is bigger than robotics—way bigger. We’re already delivering a clear path forward for the future of logistics.

Power to Scale.
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Global leaders in manufacturing, logistics and retail now leverage Dexterity to enable flexible, creative automation.

Power to Adapt.
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When one robot gets better, so do all the others. Shared intelligence helps us deliver adaptable, future-proof robotics.

Transforming a supply chain isn’t easy.

Delivering value in complicated, real-world workflows requires a full-stack approach. From joint-level controls to designing a new gripper, from machine learning to scheduling, Dexterity makes it easy to solve the toughest logistics challenges using intelligent automation.
Home Page Expand operations with limited additional labor requirements.
Home Page Increase fulfillment capacity without expensive hardware retrofits.
Home Page Improve your bottom line by managing data rather than people.

Delivering True Autonomy in the Warehouse.

Our new-breed robotics approach increases productivity, safety and control. A comprehensive full-stack integration guarantees every element of your deployment can be coordinated, from depalletizing to building orders to palletizing.

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Pick Our robots deftly pick unstructured items like polybags, loose cardboard and plastic-wrapped perishables. Learn More
Move Mobile robots on rails get to where the work is, both more quickly and more safely. Learn More
Pack Advanced tactile awareness lets these robots pack even the most delicate items safely. Learn More
Collaborate Our robots are team players. They work smoothly with people and fellow robots alike. Learn More

We’re solving real-world problems.

Dexterity is in full production right now, optimizing customer supply chains around the world.

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15M 15,300,000 picks in production to date and counting.
1.5Y Over 1.5 years of robot hours in production to date. That figure doubles every month.
50K Our robots are already handling over 50,600 SKUs of all shapes, sizes and material conditions.
Customer Obsession

As much as we love robots, we love our customers even more.

Obsessive attention to service makes all the difference. We manage the entire deployment process to ensure your success. You also get complementary 24/7 white glove support, with full partnership in managing and analyzing your data.

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Our team is seriously excited about the potential for robotics to make life better for everyone. So we’re always up for talking shop.

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