WITH DEXterity

Singulation Workcell

Our Singulation robotic workcells include barcode scanning, require minimal operator supervision, can fit into existing workflows and be deployed in a day!

Our robots can pick from a variety of pick zones, including induction funnels, bins, and conveyors. Dynamic picking strategies, advanced computer vision, and ML learning models are used to identify optimal picks, and increase picking accuracy.


  • High speed parcel segmentation
  • Responds real-time to flowing parcels
  • Gripper designed for parcel diversity
  • Barcode scanning (1D & 2D)
  • Minimal operator interaction
  • Minimal system footprint
  • 1 day deployments
Versatile Gripper
Barcode Scanning
High Speed Vision


Operational Efficiencies

  • Maximizes productivity
  • Provides operational continuity
  • Improves workplace safety¬†
  • Alleviates labor-shortage pains
  • Reduces operating costs

Rapid Deployment

  • Minimal system footprints
  • Drops into existing workflows
  • Minimal disruption to operations

Support & Upgrades *

  • Remote monitoring
  • On-call support
  • Software upgrades

* included with RAAS lease