WITH DEXterity

Fulfillment Solutions

We offer robot-human hybrid solutions for labor-intensive distribution fulfillment operations.  We have automated solutions that use collaborative, mobile robots for both item (“eaches”) and tray or case fulfillment. 

Our robots work safely alongside a single operator, who is responsible for inserting product inventory into the system and clearing out completed orders, while the robots do all the “walking”, heavy lifting, and ensure orders are fulfilled accurately.


  • Real-time system monitoring and alerts
  • Handles unlimited product SKUs
  • Manages order fulfillment 
  • Comes with simple operator UI 
  • Offers unit (individual product items) or tray/case product fulfillment
  • Works safely alongside humans
"Eaches" Fulfillment
Tray/Case Fulfillment
Simple UI


Operational Efficiencies

  • Maximizes productivity
  • Provides operational continuity
  • Improves workplace safety 
  • Alleviates labor-shortage pains
  • Reduces operating costs

Rapid Deployment

  • Minimal system footprints
  • Drops into existing workflows
  • Minimal disruption to operations

Support & Upgrades *

  • Remote monitoring
  • On-call support
  • Software upgrades

* included with RAAS lease