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Mixed Case Palletization


Kawasaki was looking for a mixed case palletizing solution that would work with their robotic hardware to palletize unknown, mixed cases.  They were researching solutions to use within their own company, and also offer as an out-of-the-box product for their hardware customers.  After evaluating numerous companies, our capabilities exceeded their expectations, by being able to rapidly depalletize and palletize unknown, random products, with optimized packing using force control. 


Kawasaki has gained an edge over competitors in the race to deploy mixed-case palletizing solutions.

Packaged Food Distribution

Global Food Distributor

We designed, developed and deployed a team of line-picking robots to solve the fulfillment needs of a global packaged food distributor. We automated the traditional, highly manual, line picking process that had been challenged by safety issues, labor shortages, and cost. Our system handles the distribution of over 200 skus of delicate, fresh food items in a variety of packaging types for our client.

Dexterity’s intelligent robots pick packaged food, move along rails, pack the food in crates, and work collaboratively with other robots and humans. The multi-robot team is orchestrated by software that also manages inventory, order fulfillment, and operator workflow. The system comes with an intuitive user interface that enables a single worker to operate the entire street.


With Dexterity’s robotic solution, our client is able to offer an uninterrupted supply of fresh packaged food to customers, even during COVID-induced labor restrictions. They’ll be seeing a ROI on their investment in under 2 years with improved workflow accuracy, safety and reliability.

Mixed Parcel Induction

Worldwide package delivery Provider

We designed & developed a fully automated, modular, scalable small parcel induction system to replace the manual process used by our customer. At the heart of our system are our Singulator robots that pick parcels from a bulk pile, and place them onto a high-speed, tilt-tray conveyor belt sorter. Our robots handle the varying parcel types in our customer’s business, and can adapt to the dynamic flow of parcels in the pick zone. We also integrated high-speed multi-side barcode scanning at the robot, which works in concert with the downstream sortation system.


With Dexterity’s robotic induction system and dashboard metrics, our client has more insights into their system performance, quantity and diversity of parcels passing through, and alleviated the issues associated with staffing induction stations.