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Autonomous Package Induction

Global Parcel Carrier

Mixed Parcel Induction

Dexterity was approached by one of the largest parcel carriers in the world to streamline their operations. The carrier was facing increasing package volume and decreasing labor availability—resulting in entity-wide throughput struggles and rising costs. Dexterity targeted the most difficult problem first: singulating inbound packages. Within 12 months, Dexterity developed a production-ready automated solution that can be deployed in less than 24 hours with no infrastructure or workflows augmentation, improves throughput by 66%, and reduces labor costs by over 30% per workstation.


Mixed SKU Fulfillment

Leading Baked Goods Distributor

Mixed Case Fulfillment

For years, a global baked goods manufacturer was struggling to implement their vision for strategic growth through automation. Managing challenges ranging from intense regional competition to complex global operations—they went in search of a supply chain optimization partner. But that is easier said than done. Picking and placing delicate loaves of bread in clear plastic bags proved to be too difficult a challenge for numerous potential robotics partners. It requires sophisticated vision sensors to identify individual items, and next-generation force control sensors to preserve the items as they’re being picked. Dexterity was up for the challenge: developing custom solutions that have picked over 10,000 unique SKUs in production and saved over 50,000 hours of manual labor.

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